The Best Computer For Graphic Design

Since Desktop Publishing (DTP) came out in the eighties, graphic designers have been utilizing computer technology. This has pushed all graphic designers to become competent with computer hardware at the very least.

What is Desktop Publishing (DTP)? In the 1980s, it was a common term applied to digital publishing systems. These systems were developed to replace large, pre-press, specialist design and compositing systems.

Graphic designers rely heavily on computers whether these are Windows PCs or Apple Macs. Whichever computer a graphic designer chooses to use, he/she will opt for the best computer that he/she can purchase. Graphic designers will rarely choose cheap computer hardware.

Back in the eighties, Macs were the only choice for designing and printing. Almost all design layout and graphics software was developed for Macs only or even if the software could be used in Microsoft Windows PC, it was much more reliable on a Mac. Additionally, at that time, Macs were associated with the different technologies used in the prepress and Windows PC was just not a practical choice. Today, modern versions of Mac OS X and Windows allow graphics designers to use design software either in a Mac or PC – they are no longer forced to choose one over the other.

Many graphic designers are not IT experts and making a decision on which computer to buy can be quite daunting. Of course, if money is not a problem, the decision would simply be to buy the most expensive Apple Mac or Windows PC. But most designers cannot afford to do that. In fact, some creative professionals have budgets for second hand equipment only. What really matters to these graphic designers are issues that regular computer users do not even have to think about. These are printer color accuracy, monitor calibration, hard disk speed and external storage devices for gigabytes of data.

Recent studies show that the top 5 computers for graphic design are a mix of Macs and PCs and both laptop and desktop computers fall in this category. But just like any product that a consumer buys, it really is the personal preference of the designer whether he/she will use a desktop computer or a laptop. The important thing is that the user/graphic designer has the appropriate software for the type of computer that he/she wants to purchase.

The Top 5 computers for graphic design are:

Mac Pro Desktop

The Mac line of computers is still widely preferred by most graphic designers. According to Apple, the latest Mac Pro features the all new quad-core Intel Xeon “Nehalen” processor which makes the job of a graphic designer much easier. Apple states further that the new Mac Pro is up to 1.9 times faster than its predecessor. Each processor has an integrated memory controller that allows the processors to have faster access to stored data in the computer’s memory, with memory latency decreased by up to 40 percent. This feature will save a lot of time for designers when they do their work.

MacBook Pro Laptop

The MacBook Pro Laptop comes in 13, 15 and 17 inch sizes. It has high-performance NVDIA graphics and LED backlit display which makes editing graphics easier and clearer. This latest model has battery power that lasts up to 8 hours (on 17-inch version). It is powered by the Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

Dell Studio XPS Desktop

The Dell Studio XPS Desktop features the Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. If you plan on working with intensive video or 3D editing, you can have an upgrade to the 16GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM. But its base 3GB memory will enable you to edit photos, create vector or raster designs with ease. Its high-definition ATI graphics card creates clear, precise and flawless graphics – just what a graphic designer needs.

Toshiba Qosmio Laptop

The Toshiba Qosimo is an affordable solution to your graphic design needs. It is powered by either the Intel Core i7 or i5 processor making it easier to create flawless graphics. It has a high-end NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, which ensures that you can clearly see every pixel and frame that you edit. It has a 6GB DDR3 1066MHz memory and a 1GB GDDR5 discrete graphics memory.

HP Pavilion Elite Desktop

The HP Pavilion Elite Desktop is an affordable computer. It is powered by either an AMD Athlon or an Intel Core processor that ranges from an X4 630 quad-core (Athlon) to an i7-980X six-core Extreme Edition (Intel). All HP Pavilion Elite Desktop computers come with genuine 64-bit Windows 7 for the latest technology. Memory ranges from 4GB up to 9GB which guarantees smooth and effortless run of the high-end graphics that you use.

Apple Unibody Macbook Pro – New Or Refurbished

Many of us have seen the new Macbooks that were announced by Steve Jobs on October 14, 2008. They’ve been all over the news and on TV. These new Macbooks are indeed a thing of beauty with their “unibody” aluminum enclosures and their LED backlit displays. These new innovative features are cool and all but one question I’ve been struggling with is whether or not these new Macbooks are worth the purchase, given the expensive price tag that come with them. Let me share my insights with you as I make a short argument for holding off on these premium items until they either drop in price or go refurbished. Actually, now that this thought has rolled out of my head, I’m going to go ahead and push forward a promotion for the old Macbooks; more specifically the previous generation of Macbook Pros. I think refurbished units of these models holds the greatest value for those interested in purchasing a Macbook. There’s no denying how chic and innovative Apple’s new Macbooks are. They just scream out sexy and me wants. However, before I go into all that, you have to know that the new Macbook Pros come with heavy price tags. Let’s take a standard 15-inch Macbook Pro with a 2.4 GHz Intel processor and the basic configurations that accompany the default model. This will run you $1999.00. That’s damn pricey. 

Now what do you get for that besides the “unibody” chassis and LED display which I’ve mentioned before? Well, you get a new chipset and two Nvidia gpus powering the computer. This is certainly nice to have. Now you can play games or do graphic intensive work. You get a cool chicklet keyboard and a glass, single button multi-touchpad; two very eye pleasing components. You also loose your FireWire 400 connectivity in place of FireWire 800 and switched in is a new mini DisplayPort in place of the DVI port. Don’t know if I like these last two changes, but OK I’ll keep roll with it. You also loose your Apple Remote, which came included in older models. So that’s pretty much all that’s new and at least important to take note of. Now let me bring out the old 15-inch Macbook Pro with similar hardware configurations. I’m going to focus on the refurbished model for the greatest savings, and I’ll make my point for going the refurbished route after I describe what comes with the notebook first. Of course you’re not going to get all the new features I just described in the paragraph before. But you still get a great computer. The same Macbook Pro with an identical setup of Intel processor, memory, hard drive, and SuperDrive will cost you $1099. That’s an absurd $900 in savings. Heck, you can buy another computer with that! Or bump up your RAM or even get a bigger hard drive. Whatever you do, examine for yourself whether or not the “unibody” case, the LED display, and the dual gpus are worth that much to you. Because almost everything else is the same. You even get similar factory installed software. I don’t know. I’ve thought about it. How about you think about it too? The refurbished nature of the Macbook Pro is probably what gives the item its most cost savings. Let me address this part as I’m aware that there’s a negative stigma to everything that’s refurbished. Apple Certified Refurbished products are fully functional units. 

Apple puts them through a stringent refurbishment process where it inspects, tests, restores, and repackages these products. They also carry the same 1 year limited warranty the new products have. So a refurbished Macbook Pro is essentially a new Macbook Pro. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Apple’s a big and well reputable company. I’m sure there won’t be any funny business going on behind the scenes. Apple’s always put out quality products and I’m sure this would apply to their refurbished units as well. Given that the differences between the new Macbook Pros and the old refurbished ones aren’t that significant to me, I’m more inclined to purchase and even recommend others to go with a refurbished Macbook Pro. Perhaps down the road when the new Macbook Pros drop in price will I consider purchasing one of these new play toys. You can pocket quite a large amount of money, $900 worth of savings simply by going refurbished. Why not consider it today?

iPad for Children: Should I Buy an iPad for My Child?

I recently overheard a few parents talking about the iPad. They had seen a young child, about 5 years old, playing with an iPad and apparently the parent had told them the iPad was purchased for the child. One father made no secret of the fact he thought this was insane, and that there was something wrong with any parent that bought a $500 computer for a child. I asked him if he had an iPad, or had used one. He had not. His opinion was based only on the cost of the device, and the idea that it was only a popular trend. Setting aside cost for a moment, and assuming the parent doesn’t own an iPad, is there any valid reason to buy an iPad for a child?

iPad for Younger Ages

Over the past year, however, many studies have appeared that seem to support the idea of an iPad not just being a shiny toy to keep kids busy, but potentially an invaluable tool in child development. A study late in 2010 by PBS found that Apps such as those on the iPad and iPhone can in fact make children smarter. Children are found to be more engaged, more interested in learning when using an educational app on the iPad. More and more, school systems around the country are incorporating iPads not just in high school or middle school, but even in kindergarten. Children with learning or developmental disabilities, such as autism, have been shown to greatly benefit from using an iPad as well.

Children have long been known to learn visually, and the educational toy market over the years has tried many ways to incorporate this into their toys. With an iPad, developers can create an interactive game that young children can be excited about, while learning things as simple as their ABCs to science to foreign languages. Apple provides an impressive list of educational apps in the iTunes Store.

Increased Workload for Teens

For the higher grades, the benefits are more obvious: why carry around six heavy books, when you can have a few apps on the iPad provide all of that information and much more with video and interactive content. The Chicago Public Schools this year launched a program that will provide more than 20 schools with 32 iPads. With many middle-school grades developing tougher curriculums to raise test scores, students are beginning high school formats at a much younger age. For those in an International Baccalaureate or other advance placement program, the workload is even more challenging. And this is before high school. Once in high school, the workload and the advanced nature of the study seems to lead to one question: how can a student have all the information they need to succeed in school, in a format easy to understand and expand on, in one small light-weight package?

Cost IS a Factor

At the beginning of this article I asked that we set aside the issue of cost for the moment, but cost is definitely a factor. An iPad is not an option for everyone. Even if your child’s school provides an iPad, most do not allow the child to take them home and not all of them use the iPad all day, only in certain classes. So when deciding to buy an iPad for your child to use, ask yourself these questions first:

  • Am I buying an iPad for myself, and letting my child use it on occasion, or will it be primarily for the child(ren)?
  • What would I pay for a full computer for my tween/teen to use?
  • Are there enough apps relevant to my child (disability, interests, study needs, etc.)
  • Does my child’s school have an iPad program in place, or is one planned?

Naturally, only you can decide if the price is worth paying. I always recommend checking Apple’s online store for refurbished deals, which can lower your cost anywhere from $70 – $100 off the original price. Check the refurbished section often, as models available and prices vary constantly. After a new version of the iPad is released, cost of the previous model will most likely drop further.

Remember that the iPad is a platform, one that is growing each day – the number of relevant and useful apps increased between the writing of this article and your reading it. Unlike other products over the years, there is a flexibility to grow with your child by offering new apps that do things completely differently than other ways of learning – perhaps exactly the way your child needs.

iPhone Motherboard Replacement

When it comes to a broken iPhone it can be a minor tragedy to have to part ways due to a damaged phone. Of course there are some things we would try to live with like a little scratch on the screen, others we would try to replace like a busted battery and others that are deal breakers that require buying a new phone. However, exactly where that “buy a new phone” line lies is beginning to blur and change. For many iPhone owners, they are finding that everything right down to the motherboard can be replaced. Although an iPhone motherboard replacement might not be such a cakewalk as changing the SIM card, it is entirely possible.

Attempting an iPhone motherboard replacement is no easy technological task, so the first question to ask oneself is whether or not this will be a potential home repair. When shopping for individual iPhone parts, a replacement motherboard can be quite inexpensive once the cost of the repair person is eliminated. Getting your hands dirty with something as pricey as an iPhone, however, can be a stressful experience, so it may be a good idea to consult friends or family members about your iPhone motherboard replacement. At the end of the day, when it comes to electronics everyone has a different level of comfort taking them apart and putting them back together. It’s kind of like changing the oil in the car, although you could probably do it yourself, it’s a much easier process to hit the local quick-stop mechanic’s. A great place to start looking for a repair person is with family members under 15, who seem to have a preternatural understanding of modern technology. Past that, it’s best to shop around before going with a professional repair company or individual. An iPhone motherboard replacement may be quite pricey with one repair person and quite affordable with the next. Regardless, it’s always best to have a second opinion.

Not interested in undertaking an iPhone motherboard replacement yourself? Instead of tossing out the old iPhone and scooping up a new one, sell the old one for parts. Or, sell it to be repaired. Regardless, you will get some cash in hand and someone else will be able to repurchase your affordable old cell phone. It can be a pain trying to restore an old iPhone, which is why they are professionals to do it. By buying old electronics, it is possible to reuse and recycle the electronics themselves or at least the parts. If the thought of an iPhone motherboard replacement gives you the chills, sell it off, get some fast cash, and put it towards a new one. Even major repairs like an iPhone motherboard replacement can be worth it when it comes to either tossing the iPhone out or giving new life. With landfills filling up with more and more electronic goods everyday buying and selling old electronics is a wallet healthy and Earth healthy choice.

Before ditching a damaged or broken iPhone, it can never hurt to do a little research. There’s nothing worse than tossing out a perfectly good iPhone that just needed an easy inexpensive repair. By going online and learning about how an iPhone motherboard replacement amongst other major repairs is done, it may be easier to avoid near catastrophe than you think!

Apple Safari Uninstall Tutorial – How To Remove Safari From Your PC

Safari is an Internet browser that is used by many of Apple’s Mac computer users and is known for its fast downloading and browsing features. This application however, has recently received some criticism from users due to reports of it causing Mac computers to slow down or sometimes even crash. This issue has been traced to the tendency of Safari to dump unnecessary settings and files in your computer, causing problems in your system’s processing speed. Uninstalling the application will not guarantee the restoration of normal operations on your computer, as the erroneous files that Safari has introduced in your system would not be removed along with it. The problem becomes more complicated if these files are located in your registry, as detection would take a much longer time.

How To Remove Safari

To address this problem you can either manually remove Safari and all infected parts from your system or use an automated tool to uninstall the application. The faster and more convenient way of resolving this issue is to use an automated application, since you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort removing the application and infected parts in your computer. This tutorial will teach you how to do both methods.

Manual Removal Method

When uninstalling the browser yourself, you first need to click Start on the Windows Bar. Following that, choose Control Panel. Next, select Add/Remove Programs. You would then be shown a list of applications from which you should choose the program “Safari”. Remove this application from your PC by clicking on the Uninstall Tab. After you have successfully uninstalled the browser, you need to next remove all leftover files and settings that Safari has introduced in your system.

The next step that you need to do when doing this, is to click on Start on the Windows Bar then select My Computer. Next go to the path C:/Program Files/ and then locate all files and settings that the browser has left behind. Remove these unnecessary files by selecting the folder where they are located, then press the shift and delete keys simultaneously. To complete the removal process, restart your computer. If after doing these steps the error still remains in your PC, consider cleaning your registry.

Automated Cleaning Method

If you find that you cannot properly uninstall Safari, or have some problems with your system that prevent it from being removed properly, you have be able to get rid of this program in the most correct way – through using a piece of software called “Final Uninstaller”. This program will basically scan through your computer and get rid of any of the potential problems that your computer could have inside in connection to the program. You can use this tool to completely remove any parts of the virus that are on your system, allowing your computer to run much smoother and more effectively as a result.

Top 10 Games for Your MacBook Pro

With the cool high-end features of a MacBook Pro, gaming is a real pleasure. Many serious gamers own these laptops just to enhance their gaming experience.

The Apple MacBook Pro has been a favourite among laptop users. The latest version of this Apple laptop is notable for its unibody casing crafted out of a single piece of aluminium, similar to that of the iMac and the MacBook Air. The new version is also slightly thinner than its predecessors were. It comes with an LED backlit screen that extends its battery life considerably, the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. The Apple MacBook Pro also has multiple USB ports and a wireless Bluetooth connection.

The latest MacBook Pro is much faster than its previous versions, which makes it a good option for gaming. You can download many applications onto this Apple laptop. Some of these are freeware while others are shareware. While downloading these apps, be sure to keep track of the ad ware that comes along with some of the programs. You can also download and install Mac games on your MacBook Pro. Some popular games are:

• Dream chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze – This is an adventure-cum hidden object, puzzle game in which you will have to help Faye, the protagonist, navigate through complex puzzles and magical landscapes while piecing together clues.

• Call of Duty 4 – This individual game falls into the genre of shooting games. The period of this game is set in the future.

• The SIMS 3 – This is game comes in a special version compatible with MacBook Pro, where you have to make your chosen or created character lead a virtual life.

• Rage – Here is an action game, which is set in a post-apocalyptic era, with a lot of driving around and shooting.

• NFS Carbon – Need For Speed Carbon is the ultimate racing game for those who love racing.

• Age of Empires 3 – In this game, you have to conquer the new world by playing the role of a European super power.

• SuperTux – This game for your MacBook Pro is a kid friendly game where you have to make a penguin jump around.

• Diablo 3 – This is an action packed role-playing game set in a dark, fantasy world.

• World of Warcraft – This role-playing game is a multiplayer online game.

• Fairway Solitaire – Here is a new card game that includes 70 unique courses in various locations.

These are just a handful of the games that are available for the laptop. With these games, your macbook pro will keep you entertained all day.

Cool Facts About iPads

When the iPad was launched this year as Apple’s current flagship product, many raves and rants countered all the hype of its release. But did you ever wonder WHAT is the iPad? Here are some cool facts about this hand-held gizmo.

Originally, Apple was going to the name the iPad as the “iBook”. Interesting enough, it is highly held in comparison these days with the e-book readers such as the Kindle.

The iPad measures 9.56 inches long, 7.47 inches wide and 0.53 inches thick weighing 1.6 pounds. It has a 9.7 inches multitouch full color IPS display with a built-in accelerometer giving it the capability of automatically adjusting orientation. It runs at a speed of 1 GHz with an iOS of 3.2.2 Apple A4 System chip.

Did you know that one application averages at a cost of $1.99 but it takes more than a month to build a single application?

Steve Jobs designed the iPad to be free from pornography by excluding it from the App Store besides the fact that it does not support Adobe Flash. This pushed pornography sites to change their video formats from Flash to iPad-friendly formats like H.264 and HTML5.

Safari is the most commonly used application while is the most visited website.

Despite the flaws in terms of connectivity, one can easily sync his/her iPod Touch or iPhone with the iPad.

With all the restrictions on this piece of gadget, users will be happy to know that jailbreaking is possible allowing unauthorized Apple applications and programs to be downloaded into it. But if you are thinking about it, just keep in mind that jailbreaking will void the warranty on the product.

Despite the widely accepted belief that the iPad was modeled after the iPhone, Jobs admits that the iPad concept came first. It was originally called the Safari Pad project. However, he decided to put off its creation and develop the iPhone instead due to battery life issues. No wonder many describe it as an enlarged iPhone considering that all applications that work on the iPhone works with the iPad.

Apple iPhone – The Innovation in Technology

This handset has a highly usable screen, which is filled with multi-colours. The Apple iPhone comes in 135 grams of weight. This light weight device measures 115 x 61 x 11.6 mm in dimensions. The smart finishing device comes in glossy black colour. The touchscreen device has 16 millions colours. It has 3.5 inches of screen size, which gives a clear crystal display to the users. The brilliantly coloured screen is empowered with 320 x 480 pixels resolution with multi-touch input method, accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and proximity sensor for auto turn-off. This user friendly handset has 4, 8, 16 GB of shared memory, which is capable enough to save your data.

Its phone book memory has practically unlimited contacts entries and fields with photocall. Its phone book keeps the record of 100 received, dialed and missed calls. The vibration alert option comes with 3.5 mm headset jack, which allows you to alert yourself, while in silence mode. This high technological device has up to 250 hours of talktime, which allows you to talk on phone without any fear of low battery. The battery standby is up to 8 hours. This stunning looking handset is embedded with preloaded games and downloadable games option. The quad-band technology has 2G network, which has 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 GSM frequencies.

This handset is merged with 2 mega pixels digital camera with camera settings. Its built-in video recorder allows you to click still photos and capture amazing videos. Its video player allows you to play the videos or songs of your choice. Users can enjoy the movie and TV show player on the perfect Apple iPhone handset. Its video controls option include Play, Pause, Chapter FF, Chapter. This high resolution camera gives the facility of rewind and volume. The viewfinder display camera gives an excellent quality. It is also embedded with screensaver, wallpaper animation and picture address book.

Its built-in music features come with music player and ringtones. Its touch screen search option allows you to select song, artist, album and make your own playlist. Users can also play, pause, rewind and fast forward their choice of music. This touch screen gives option to create music play-lists and music player as a fun. This music phone also includes album artwork and cover flow. Users can also enjoy the audio books option on this handset.

Apple iPhone organiser features include address book, calendar, world clock, alarm clock, calculator, notes, conference calls, maps with Google maps, Full QWERTY predictive keyboard and operating system OS X. The new Mac OS X operating system is based on the large multi-touch colour display screen. The QWERTY keyboard gives the quick and easy input method, where the users can type messages automatically without having to correct all the typing errors. Its Google map application helps you in viewing maps, satellite images on their handset. This Google map option also helps in navigation and direction. The widgets option gives the updates of live stock and weather reports.

Its messaging features come with SMS or text messaging, MMS or multimedia messaging, Email with POP3 and IMAP, SMS long with text messaging and visual voicemail. The MMS or multimedia messaging option gives the audio and video message transfer facility. Users can Email the data with POP3 and IMAP formats. This mailing service also includes Microsoft Exchange, AOL Mail, Apple Mac Mail, Google Email and ISP email services.

The Apple Success Story

Apple has to be one of the greatest success stories of all time. The beginnings of Apple started with Wozniak assembling a simple built computer machine. It was in the summer of 1971 Wozniak 21 and Jobs 16 were introduced to each other by a mutual friend Bill Fernandez. Wozniak had shown Jobs his simple built computer machine and this impressed Jobs to the point Jobs believed he could sell it for a profit. It was here they would form a strong friendship because they not only shared a passion for computers, but because they were both known as outcasts and for the first time they had a great understanding, admiration and respect for each others abilities, personality and intellect. They would begin the Apple project by selling some of their possessions: Wozniak’s HP scientific calculator and Jobs’ Volkswagen, they raised $1300 and assembled their first prototypes in Jobs bedroom. When the project became too big for the bedroom they moved the project into Jobs family’s garage, it was on a huge wooden work bench that served as their first manufacturing base. The computers were hand built by Wozniak and first shown to the public at the Homebrew Computer club. After selling a number of the machines Apple was established on April 1, 1976 and went public on December 12, 1980.

So the question is how has Apple been able to maintain its great success? Apple has maintained its great success with its ability to understand what the consumer wants before the consumer even knows what they want; Apple effectively creates wants by their constant creative innovation and unique design which is stylish, user friendly and affordable. They have also been able to create a brand in the high technology world just as Chanel has in the fashion world. People can easily recognize an apple whether it’s the I-Pod, the I-Phone, the Mac Air or the I-Pad. It has become a product that defines one’s identity in how they desire to be seen by society that is a person who is highly innovative, intelligent, stylish and apart of the in crowd. This is pure marketing genius.

This marketing genius of Apple has seen this company out perform beyond the business world’s expectations. While so many companies are struggling to break even in the current recession Apple is getting stronger by the day. The last three years has seen Apple’s profits soar, take a look at these figures:

A profit of 8.2 Billion in 2007 followed by a profit of 11.2 Billion in 2008 and most recently a profit of 17.2 Billion in 2009. That is more than a 100% growth in profit from 2007 to 2009- Incredible!

With these profits and Apple’s constant innovation, what will they think of next? My bet is another great innovated product that we never thought we would want or need, but will end up on our wish list.

If you have a great idea, product or service but need to create a Wozniak and Jobs connection to make it a reality, you need to join where people are waiting to hear from you where together you can make each others dreams a reality.

Data Recovery for Apple Computers

Most computer users will eventually have to deal with a data loss problem. This can be a very stressful event, especially if the data was particularly important. Luckily, in most cases the data can be successfully recovered from a Mac hard drive. Mac offers a line of data recovery software that can help retrieve your data in certain circumstances and there are many data recovery companies that specialize in Mac data recovery. All hard drives will fail eventually, so it makes sense to be prepared and to know what to do if you experience the loss of your data.

Causes of Data Loss

Let’s look at some of the common causes of data loss and what can be done about them.

1. Accidental deletion.

This is a fairly common cause of lost data. For whatever reason, the user accidentally deletes critical files and can’t find them no matter what they try. This is a relatively simple problem to fix. Despite the fact that you may not be able to find the file, in most cases it is not lost. It is still stored on the hard drive until the space that it occupies on the hard drive is overwritten. For this reason, if you accidentally delete an important file, you should shut down your computer and contact a data recovery specialistas soon as possible. The more you use the computer, the more likely it is that you will unwittingly overwrite the deleted file and that information will be lost forever.

2. Logical Errors on the drive.

Logical errors are generally caused by problems with the software that runs your computer. Important files may become corrupted through repeated use, improperly shutting down your computer, or as a result of contracting a computer virus. These problems are usually fairly easy to resolve as well. There are do-it-yourself data recovery programs that you can purchase or you can take the safe road and take your drive to a data recovery specialist who can recover your information. In most cases the logical errors can be fixed and your data recovered relatively inexpensively.

3. Physical damage to the drive.

Physical damage to your hard drive can occur for a number of reasons:

  • Fire, heat or water damage.
  • Damage due to impact, such as when the disk is dropped or bumped.
  • Damage due to wear and tear. The internal parts of the hard drive don’t last forever and will eventually wear out over time. You can reduce the risk of this by keeping your computer in a cool, dry place in your house, away from the worst of the household traffic.

The most common symptom of physical damage to your hard drive is a loud clicking sound coming from the drive. If you suspect a problem with your disk, it’s very important that you shut down your computer as soon as possible. Continuing to try to run a failing hard drive will cause further damage and may prevent you from being able to recover your files.

If your Mac hard drive has physical damage, it will need to be taken apart and repaired in a dust free clean room environment in order to retrieve your data. This can be an expensive and time consuming problem, but it has a good success rate in recovering the information stored on the disk.

Many data recovery companies specialize in Mac hard drive repair and they can help you with this process. Trying to repair your hard drive on your own is not a good idea. The process requires specialized tools and a dust free clean room to have a reasonable chance of success. It’s not something the average person could do without the appropriate training.

Online Back Up Options for Macs

Regardless of what causes your data loss, the best defence is to regularly back up any data you don’t wish to lose. You can back up your data to an external drive or simply use an online data backup service. There are a number of online backup solutions for Macs including:

  • Zumo drive
  • Carbonite
  • iDrive
  • iDisk

Each one of these services offers reliable, inexpensive solutions to store your data online, allowing you to protect your important information and maintain your peace of mind.